Exterior Painting

When Is The Best Time To Paint Exteriors?

Exterior painting in Houston, TX is actually perfect year round! Unlike the harsh winter conditions of the northeast, Houston has a very mild winter. We do however have very hot summers and wet springs so here are some weather conditions to avoid

Summer in Houston is no joke, 10 minutes on black asphalt and you can feel your shoes melting into the ground. Warm weather is great for painting as long as you avoid the pounding heat from the midday sun. Paint needs time to cure properly and during application you want to apply paint maintaining a wet edge. This can be hard to achieve if your working in direct sunlight on an extremely hot day because the paint starts to dry before you begin your next section. The paint drys so quickly due to the heat that it begins to tack up and can create real problems like “trash” in your roller or brush. As the coating sets up it can peel when trying to apply more paint for an even coat, those bits of paint peel of and can end up causing a very ugly finish coat. You can avoid this on extremely hot days by getting an early start or waiting until later in the evening once the sun starts to set.

As for painting on a rainy day, just don’t do it. There is a laundry list of reasons why this is a terrible idea.

How Often Should I Paint The Exterior Of My Home?

How do you know when it’s time to repaint? A number of factors can contribute to the need for a fresh coat of paint on your homes exterior.

Trees can be one of your greatest allies in persevering the beauty of your paint job, if your home is in constant direct sunlight your sheen may fade faster. If your home is painted with deeper colors that require more pigment then it will look duller sooner.

Each home is different and can vary from every 3 years to 20 years. A quality Exterior paint can make all the difference.Some paints have specific ingredients in them that make them UV resistant and some paint companies use colorants that are designed to hold up for years against the Texas sun. You may think its cheaper to purchase a 20 dollar gallon of paint vs a 40 dollar gallon of paint. The truth is that your labor cost far out weigh the material cost, paying an extra 20 dollars per gallon for quality paint that will last 15 years is a lot better than paying someone to repaint every 3 years. Choosing the right paint can make a big difference

Why Should I Hire An Exterior Painter?

Applying Paint is Extremely simple, the hard work and the most important work happens during the prep stage. If you’re not an experienced paint contractor then you may not recognize problem areas and things that must be prepped. Several factors come into play to insure that your home is ready for paint. If your home isn’t properly preparred you could run into issues like peeling, chalking, leeching, bubbling, cracking and many other issues.

Even if you buy a paint with a life time warranty the paint manufacturer will not honor the warranty if the surface was not properly prepped. You could be looking at serious money the next time around because you’ll have to pay a painter to remove all of the failed product before he can even begin.

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