Interior Painting

Why Choose Us For Interior Painting

If you’re looking for a professional Painting Company in Houston, TX for interior painting, Refresh Painting is the right choice!

We can repaint entire homes or just a single room, we cover everything from walls to ceilings and doors to cabinets. We have a track record of providing the highest level of customer service and quality. We do our best to inform our customers every step of the way. We stand apart from all other painters because of our attention to detail. We assist our customers with professional knowledge on selecting colors and the right paint to use. If you’re looking for high quality interior painting and someone with attention to detail then give us a call!┬áDon’t settle for less than your home deserves. We are a reputable paint company that stands behind our work. Always use a paint company like refresh painting that you can trust and is well established.

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    Services We Offer

    We are a full service Paint Contractor, that means we can handle any project big or small.


    • Interior Walls
    • Interior Ceilings
    • Doors and Trim
    • Cabinets
    • Windows
    • Paneling
    • Wall paper and wall paper removal
    • Brick

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