It can be difficult to find the right paint to use in your home when every paint store you enter has 40 different options. How can you make sure you’re making the right choice?

Luckily we can help make this easier and save you a lot of time and frustration. I’ll talk about choosing a paint brand, selecting the right sheen and sticking within a budget for interior and exterior paint.

Selecting The Right Brand

To make this even easier we are going to stick to the three main paint brands that we trust with providing an excellent finished product on any sized paint job. Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and Behr Paint are well established paint companies in Houston, TX. All make an equally impressive paint product, I’m sure you’ve heard that one paint company or another reigns supreme over all others, but that’s just not the truth.

All paint manufacturers make great products when you truly compare apples to apples. This misconception often occurs when someone is using a product not designed for the intended purpose. Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and Behr Paint all make low end paint products for production painting like Apartments and commercial work. These products are designed to be extremely budget friendly in environments that are constantly repainting. Cheaper paints are often less durable and lack the necessary ingredients to be durable for years to come. So maybe shy away from that nine dollar gallon of paint next time you’re bargain hunting.

What Paint Should I Use Then?

When selecting the right paint for your home, you should consider three things. What am I painting?, Where am I painting? and what do I want my paint to do?

You’re mostly likely here because you plan on selecting a paint for your interior walls or your exterior siding. So lets stick to the basics, you should always consider what your painting first. For most interior drywall you want to stick with a quality interior acrylic latex paint. Which luckily is very common among all three paint manufacturers. The Same goes for exterior wood, Hardi-plank, Masonite or a number of other exterior siding. Of course you want to make sure any acrylic latex you choose for outside specifically states that it is exterior acrylic latex.

Quality Paint on a budget:

These options provide a good paint at a great price that you can trust to hold up for years to come.

Behr Paint Behr Premium Plus acrylic latex. Sherwin Williams Super Paint acrylic latex. Benjamin Moore Ben Acrylic Latex.

Durable Paint at a fair price:

These paints provide greater durability against every day life.

Behr Paint Behr Premium Plus ULTRA Interior acrylic Latex. Sherwin Williams Duration Interior Acrylic Latex. Benjamin Moore Regal Select Interior acrylic latex.

Best Paint Money Can Buy

These Paints are washable and can stand up to the toughest of messes, they hold their sheen longer and require fewer coats.

Behr Paint Marquee acrylic latex. Sherwin Williams Emerald acrylic latex. Benjamin Moore Aura acrylic latex.

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