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Where Do I Start With Paint Colors?

How do I Pick the right paint colors? Picking Colors can be one of the most difficult task when it comes to painting your home. Where do you even start with so many different options to choose from. Every Paint Company literally has millions of colors to pick from. Not only am I an excellent painter but I spent a number of years working for paint companies like Benjamin Moore, PPG, and Behr paint. I’ll share a little inside information to help you find out the easiest ways to get the right colors.

Narrowing Your Options

The truth is it’s hard to pick the right colors, you think you want a plain white color until you find out just how many shades of white there are! Next thing you know you have 40 sample quarts and test paint spots all over your walls.

Your best option at this point is to have a plan and an idea before you ever walk into that paint store grabbing up every shade of every color that peaks your interest. Try to focus on some of the different colors you already have in your home like sofas, end tables, lamp shades and other decor. Narrow your list to three different colors you think would look best in your home. Now it’s time to head off to the paint store and find those exact colors you want, but which paint store do I choose?

Picking Your Paint Before Your Color

This next part is going to be the fine line between managing your options and spiraling into a free fall of color options. It may sound a little out of order but you should always decide on the paint you use before you pick a color. Yes, paint stores can match colors from any competitor but they will never be as close as using the paint from the store you choose your colors from.

Why?, well because paint stores use a color matching device called a spectrophotometer which measures the intensity of light. These machines must be calibrated daily for an accurate match and are often neglected. They can only get the colors so close and the rest must be done by the human eye. The other problem you run into is that all brands of paint use their own specific colorants to make paint and this can vary from paint to paint. If you choose your color from the same stores you buy your paint from then this isn’t an issue. All Paint companies save the exact colorant formula needed to tint their products exactly as displayed. If you need help deciding what paint to use please visit my earlier post titled “How Do I Know What Paint Is Right For Me?” . I explain in detail the best paints to use from each paint supplier.

What’s The Best Place To Get Colors?

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So where would I recommend choosing colors? I believe that Behr Paint provides the best color center out of any paint company and here’s why. First if you didn’t know, Behr is an exclusive paint brand only sold in Home Depot.

Behr has spent MASSIVE amounts of money developing and fine tuning a color center that makes selecting colors a breeze. They have colors sorted by netural tones, vibrant shades, whites, and soft collections. They even have catalogs and information selected and written by professional interior and exterior designers to keep up with the latest color trends. My favorite part of all is the matching tones section. This section contains hundreds of colors that all easily fit together. You can avoid the guessing game of choosing tacky colors that clash because any colors selected work together! You can find out more about Behrs Color center by following this link!